“We’ll teach you enough to become a wine snob, but expel you if you become one!"

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Palate Diagnostic Sessions with The Grape Whisperer, Head of the Snob-Buster Academy. 

The session will include several samples to zero in on what wines are most pleasing to the individual or couple. The goal will be to compile a list of wine types and styles so wine selection will not be so arduous in the future. Wine List anxiety and dependence on shelf tags will be mitigated significantly in just this short hour. The price of this session starts at $140 which includes $25 worth of shop credit. The giver of this gift could well be the getter of this gift if invited to tag along. How cool is that?


BTW......You can set the curriculum! With planning we can focus on any subject, wine pairings, soil types, regional wines of ANY AREA you like. We will try to collect wines and information to acquire the knowledge necessary to become a snob on the subject.